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The mission of Jolly Toddlers Child Care Center is to care, nurture and educate the children, families and communities we serve. To engage all children in the support they need to succeed. To sustain diverse, enriching, and recreational activities that are safe, secure, and supportive on both the educational and creative platform. To preserve an environment that facilitates the discovery of joy through learning and the development of a positive self-image for every child – infants through kindergarten – as well as their families and community.


Our vision is one where all children have access to high quality education and the tools to succeed.



Jolly Toddlers is the best 4 Star school for ensuring a happy and secure child. We work hard to help establish each child's physical and mental well-being, but we don't do it alone! We work together--with you-- as a team. A team of passionate professionals and parents who along with our children and our community become a family. Our core is built strong on values. But we value growth too and we grow stronger together everyday with your support. Let our relationship be the example our children use to step upon during their journey through life as an example of courage, teamwork, and love.


We are the experts in working together to enrich the lives of our youngest generation by providing a creative, cutting-edge curriculum, developmental encouragement, and center-family-child communication. Our center is the best place for families who want to work together to improve their child’s growth and development in unique ways. By working together with families, our staff is able to provide the best educational foundation for the children to develop their self confidence and their emotional, physical selves. JT kiddos are supported in all aspects of life since there is always someone on their team.


Our center is the best place to work for early childhood professionals who want to grow academically and professionally while working alongside co-workers, families, community leaders, and other organization dedicated to the growth and development of our next generation. Our staff understands our vision and is committed to working together to bring this vision to our families, our children, and the community. Thank you so much for your partnership. 

Strengthening Families







Our program is based on the core principles of early education: stimulating curriculum, developmental encouragement, and center-parent-child communication. Our staff will use these principles to build a happy secure child and enhance your child’s development. Our goal is to give the best educational foundation to our children to develop their self-confidence as well as their emotional and physical selves. We encourage development and learning at an individual pace to ensure confident and secure children.


OUR   Philosophy



The warm and nurturing atmosphere in our classrooms is carefully created to stimulate the children in an appropriate developmental manner and provide opportunities for exploring, learning and social interaction through a variety of daily activities that aim to ultimately provide the necessary educational foundation for success when our students enter an elementary school program.


At Jolly Toddlers we stay true to our philosophy by:


  • Continually providing an atmosphere in which children are encouraged to be productive and creative

  • Developing an appreciation for education and a love of learning

  • Educating the whole child – cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically

  • Encouraging a positive self-concept and feeling of self-worth

  • Developing fine and gross motor skills

  • Teaching about safety and good health habits

  • Providing a strong foundation for reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science

  • Providing an atmosphere in which a child feels secure and comfortable away from his/her family

  • Developing the ability communicate effectively with others

  • Developing a sense of responsibility and independence by teaching self help skills and strengthening decision-making abilities

  • Developing the ability work and play in groups, as well as independently, and promoting healthy relationships

  • Developing awareness of different languages and cultures

  • Understanding the importance of technology as a tool for learning

  • Developing kindness and empathy curriculum

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