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The Creative Curriculum was developed in 1988. Jolly Toddlers has been on board since the beginning. What we love about the curriculum is that it's structurally consistent, measurable, and explores topics inclusive of every kind of person and every dream imaginable. These topics are: Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts, and Technology. We also follow PBIS, which is a new program that teaches positive behaviors to young children. Read more about PBIS below.


The Creative Curriculum is aligned with the PA Learning Standards as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. We post corresponding PA Learning Standards at the appropriate creative curriculum learning centers as a reinforcement measure and talking point. We want to educate you so you can continue the same teachings at home. When we work together, nothing can stop us.


Under the guise of the Creative Curriculum, your child will be encouraged to explore every topic and participate in all developmentally and linguistically appropriate activities, however, s/he will also be given deference when it comes to pursuing his/her own interests during free play. We will be observing and assessing using various tools, including ASQ/ ASQ-SETPOT-TPITO,  and more.

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