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Welcome to Jolly Toddlers,







The past 39 years have been super exciting for us because we never stop learning. We never stop exploring new programs or ways to improve. We want to be the best so your children get what they deserve- a balanced education in Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Technology, Health & Wellness & Physical Development, and Social Emotional Development.


We are a Keystone Star Four Star Facility. This is the highest rating a childcare can receive. We've been awarded the highest rating every year since 2005. We were one of the first childcare facilities awarded such a rating. We were also the very first childcare facility to reach PBIS' tier 3. Read more about this historical achievement here.


Jolly Toddlers is licensed by the Department of Education as a fully accredited, private, academic nursery and kindergarten school. It is not too common for a childcare to hold dual accreditation. What can we say? We like to reach past the stars!


We utilize Funshine Curriculum, which is aligned with the PA Learning Standards set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Learn more here. 


What it really comes down to for us is that we love caring for and educating the youngest members of our community. We love helping children solve problems, develop their self confidence, learn their first or second language, etc.! We celebrate differences, encourage abilities, promote strengths and build lesser developed skills. We believe Jolly Toddlers is a place children and adults can consider their second home; a place to be accepted and loved, to laugh, play, and learn. 


We hope that you enjoy meeting us on the web and look forward to meeting you and your child/ren in person! We can't wait to show you our magical world. Thank You!


The best to you and yours,

PICTURED HERE: Miss Nancy with grandaughter, Francesca.  A natural born leader, the first of six sibilings (all girls), miss nancy was the president of her high school and nursing school.


Miss Nancy is a Registered Nurse. She also holds dual degrees in Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education. SHE HAS A DIRECTOR'S CERTIFICATE AND IS ALSO A Licensed Professional counselor with a Master's Degree in Counseling.

Nancy A. Thompson, R.N.

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