Jolly Toddlers uses Creative Curriculum, which aligns with the PA Learning Standards set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. In addition, our Center is licensed by the PA Department of Education as a fully-accredited, private, academic nursery and kindergarten school. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure your children can achieve their highest potential.

The Pooh Room

Infants (6w-crawling)

We connected two rooms to create the coziest atmosphere for our little babes. The nursery is complete with private cribs, rocking chairs, and anything snuggly. Separated by a barn door, the adjacent room inspires exploration and discovery via a mirror-lined wall where infants can truly study themselves. (Don't worry- safety first. These mirrors are plastic.) Here the infants also enjoy meals-on their own personal schedule-at a semi circular table where they can still be part of the action down below. 

Price: $255 per week

The Jungle Room

Young Toddlers (1y-2y)

Welcome to the jungle. This class moves fast because these little ones are in peak discovery mode! Our young toddler room is big enough for these explorers even on a rainy day. This room has it's own private indoor jungle gym. We've thought of everything from the colorful semi-circle food tables to miniature oversized arm chairs in the reading nook. As your child/ren begin to become more autonomous, we have all the right things to keep them busy and interacting with one another. 

Price: $245 per week

The Rainforest Room

Older Toddlers (2y)

These little darlings are situated between the Pooh Room and the Jungle Room. This age group is so much fun because their lexicon is expanding rapidly every single day. Did you know children in this age group learn as many as nine new words per day? Their newfound ability to communicate more efficiently opens the door to many new exciting ventures. Our experienced teachers engage and encourage each child based on their own personal needs with such love and compassion- as if they were their own.

Price: $235 per week

The Butterfly Room

Preschool (2y-3y)

The preschoolers in this room learn to master their toiletry skills. Although this room is tucked away at the rear of the center, it comes complete with its own toddler-sized private restroom. It also boasts direct views of the four season playground (it's the Biggest in Bucks, by the way). The beauty of this scape is sure to inspire all kinds of wonder.

Price: $230 per week

The Owl Room

Preschool (3y)

As your children grow, they become their own narrator with the ability to share their perceptions. They now understand tenses, plurals, and adverbs. They consider the world around them and question everything in an attempt to learn, which is really incredible if you step back and let it sit. The most frequently asked question in this room is "why" and we couldn't love it more. 

Price: $225 per week

The Ladybug Room

Pre-Kindergarten (4y)

This might be our largest room, but it's still packed to the brim with fun. Using the Creative Curriculum this classroom explores Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Technology on a daily basis. Your child's school readiness is our top priority.

Price: $225 per week

The Dr. Seuss Room

Pre-Kindergarten (5y)

As your little ones continue to grow, their emotional, social, and intellectual selves emerge. Jolly Toddlers employs the Creative Curriculum to foster each child's unique interest as well as ensure general  skills in phonics, writing, art, computer education and community expectations are on par with similarly situated children at other centers or schools. A Jolly Toddler graduate is a well prepared Kindergarten student because we partner with parents and community members to ensure school readiness.

Price: $225 per week

Private Kindergarten

Private Kindergarten (5-6yr)

Jolly Toddlers uses the Creative Curriculum, which aligns with the PA Early Learning Standards set forth by the Department of Education. Additionally, our center is licensed by the PA Department of Education as a fully accredited, private, academic Nursery and Kindergarten School. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure your children can achieve their highest potential.

Please call us at 215-355-3628 for prices.

JT Kidz Camp

K through 3rd Graders will enjoy various activities focused on fun, exploration, wellness, nutrition, discovery, wonder, and physical activity.  

From Meditation Mondays to Nature Walk Wednesdays--JT Campers always have something new to discover. In 2020, we're social distancing and taking a break from field trups, but that doesn't mean we won't find time to splash around, practice yoga, build robots, and celebrate "holidays" like Christmas in July. We always find fun because we've got each other! Join our good times!

Please call us at 215-355-3628 for prices.

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